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    Jodi Diehl
    Website Programmer, Virtual Assistant

  • Businesses all over the world today have benefited through the internet in one form or the other. Whether it is as a result of reaching a wider customer base or making activities for existing customers easier, no business has been left untouched by the internet. This widespread reach has imposed new problems for business owners and organizations in certain ways. Having to deal with the incredible variety of ways in which the feature rich internet can be utilized to expand on business can be a daunting task. Many companies around the world today provide these services and market their areas of expertise. But the business owner faces the dilemma of whether to concentrate on coordinating between different vendors or to work on ensuring business continuity.

    These problems are sorted out when dealing with an organization like tech pixels where we offer services that will take care of the end to end business requirements of every client. The internet today offers a wide variety of ways through which businesses can benefit and it requires a complete understanding of the various points to be efficient.

    Some of the services that we offer include

    Website design and development: We work with our clients to understand their requirements, to design and implement functional websites that can leverage on the business USPs to create a unique position in the online market.

    Online marketing services: With an insight into how the various search engines work and other social media marketing methodologies, our experts at tech pixels offer you complete solutions. Marketing is the life breath of any business and we can assure the best possible plan to exactly suit the client’s unique requirements.

    Web Application Development: Augmenting our other services, the application development team provides the option to create applications that can add tremendous value to the client’s web presence. From creating interesting ways of interaction on the website to making powerful business decision, the applications

    Mobile Application development: Smart phones and devices like the iPad have created a whole new way for people to access the internet. These devices bring with them their own unique twists and challenges to traditional ways of software development. At tech pixels we are adept at creating these mobile applications and have the capacity to leverage this ability into providing better business options for our clients.

    Website Hosting: To complete out online services, our team at tech pixels also provides hosting services so that all the requirements of our clients are taken care in-house and there can be no delays

    With additional and essential services like technical writing along with the latest technologies like responsive web design, tech pixels is at a unique position to take care of every business requirement. With wide ranging experience in software development and having a very deep understanding of the way businesses work, tech pixels stands to provide you with the edge required against the competition.

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